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What is Torus Teens?

Torus Teens is a platform that connects teenagers in the US with life-changing afterschool and summer programs. We give teens the power to explore their interests and build their networks outside of the classroom.

Whether you’re interested in coding bootcamps, arts programs, writing workshops, sports clubs, or mentorships, we can connect you to a program that meets your needs and wants. Torus Teens is committed to showcasing free and low cost programs so that teens are not prohibited from exploring their interests based on economic constraints.

We know that there are many paths to a fulfilled and successful life. And we’re here to help every teen in the US navigate their journey.

Our history

We started as a community-based job training program for underserved teens and have grown into a platform that will help millions of teens explore their full potential. Our team has come together to transform how 14-18 year olds experience out-of-school learning in the United States.

Why out-of-school programs?

Afterschool and summer programs have been making impressive gains in youth development for decades. These programs provide a wealth of largely untapped resources and support for young people across the nation. Research unequivocally shows that young people participating in out-of-school programs demonstrate cognitive, psychological and social gains, as well as improved academic and career success. Out-of-school programs are also cultivating communication abilities, creative thinking, and teamwork, all skills 21st century employers are increasingly demanding. Lower income youth see particularly high gains as they decrease risky behaviors and make more successful transitions into adulthood.

These programs are doing impressive work supporting and guiding teenagers of all walks of life. We’re just making it easier to find and engage with them.

Why teens?

We’re glad you asked.

We believe that teens should have agency over their own learning. They should be able to explore interests, get curious and be exposed to a wide variety of subjects, peers, adults and places. We believe engaged teens are happy and productive teens. And after all, they are the immediate next generation of business, government, and social leaders.

That being said, we do have plans to expand to other age groups as we grow.

Our team

We are educators, technologists, designers, and entrepreneurs who passionately believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to be engaged and fulfilled. We’re harnessing the power of out-of-school programs to make this a reality.

Cecilia Foxworthy
Co-founder & CEO

Althea Smith
Technical co-founder

Heather Finn
UX/UI design consultant

Evan Smith
Educational advisor

David Kim